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How MaxErect Works

MaxErect has been designed to create erections and enhance erections in all men.

The patented MaxErect has been developed and clinically tested by Dr. Foley and his colleagues for over 6 years. The results from these tests and the men who have used the MaxErect have been a 100% success!

MaxErect works by generating a safe pressure on the base of the penis causing a natural compression of the veins that drain the organ.  By partly restricting the the outflow of blood, the MaxErect causes a firm, thick erection in every man, every time.


Without the use of drugs, pumps, pills, or implants, MaxErect has been clinically tested and proven to:

    • Provide hard, firm erections for every man
    • Assure complete readiness at any time
    • Help maintain a hard, firm erection during intercourse
    • Provide shorter recovery time
    • Guaranteed unsurpassed performance
    • Provide erections for the most severe ED cases


MaxErect has been clinically proven to be effective for all men. Whether you are looking to enhance your experience, put that spark back into your relationship, or start over after a prostatectomy, MaxErect is for you.

MaxErect is:

    • Doctor developed, tested, and recommended
    • Guaranteed to create and enhance erections
    • Clinically tested and proven to be 100% effective, comfortable and safe.
    • Patented
    • Easy to use


We have identified five levels of erectile function. Choose the level you feel applies to you and view the animation for a full understanding of the remarkable benefits of MaxErect.


This unique patented medical device will provide you with an erection you can only dream about.