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MaxErect and Erection Enhancing Drugs


The recent advent of commonly advertised drugs to help with the problem of mild erectile dysfunction (ED) has and continues to benefit a great number of men of all ages. These drugs employ several methods to increase to some degree or another the arterial flow of blood to the pelvic and groin areas. This in turn increases blood flow to the penis, and, theoretically, causes an erection to occur. This benefit, however, is not without its concerns.

Not Always Completely Effective

While some men experience a desirable outcome with these erection enhancing drugs in many circumstances, this certainly is not the case in all circumstances. In these cases, increased blood flow alone is not sufficient to maintain an erection to a satisfactory conclusion of sexual activity.

In fact, while these drugs are quite effective in increasing blood flow to the penis, they do NOT address the problem of venous leak (blood flowing out of the penis). If the veins draining the penis are not sufficiently constricted to trap the blood, it becomes difficult to maintain an erection to the conclusion of sexual activity. In other words, if the veins draining the penis of blood are not sufficiently “shut off” to maintain an erection, the erection is lost and sexual consummation cannot take place.

MaxErect Eliminates Venous Leak

MaxErect has been proven to eliminate the problem of venous leak by partially blocking the veins that drain the penis in a comfortable and medically safe manner. The erection achieved can be maintained to the conclusion of sexual activity.

Enhanced Erections with MaxErect

The conclusion here is that if you have been taking one of these types of drugs for ED and have not achieved satisfactory results, you should try adding the MaxErect as a solution to possible venous leak that may be preventing the satisfactory sexual experience you desire.

In fact, even if you are achieving satisfactory results with ED drugs, the MaxErect can enhance your experience by shortening recovery time, causing a larger and firmer erection, and eliminating the psychological issues that often accompany the perceived loss of "erection on demand". Try MaxErect. You'll like the results.

Try MaxErect Without the use of Erection Enhancing Drugs

If you have been using these types of drugs to achieve and/or maintain an erection, try MaxErect without the drugs. You will achieve a longer, firmer and stronger erection than ever before.