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Why is there more than one MaxErect in each pack?


Each group of men, as identified by the Doctors, has different needs depending on the factors characterizing each group.Each MaxErect pack contains a selection of MaxErects as determined by the doctors to support the specific needs of each group.

All MaxErects have been scientifically developed and tested by doctors to create and maintain a maximum erection in all men without tissue damage or discomfort. MaxErect is a patented, medically tested, and doctor-approved product not to be confused or identified with other constriction rings currently on the market.

Each MaxErect package contains more than one size MaxErect to provide an individualized fit.  In addition, most of our packages feature one or more MaxErects comprised of a different material that creates slightly more restriction on the blood flow out of the penis but is still very comfortable. Such additional restriction is necessary when creating erections in men that have difficulties.

You will find that after a period of use, you may need less tension or you may need a slightly larger MaxErect. Therefore, each MaxErect package provides the correct individualized fit for each group. It also allows for upgrading to a larger size MaxErect as the organ gains girth through use, not unlike any other smooth muscle group that will gain size due to regular exercise.

The group that will experience the greatest changes are men with severe ED problems. As men from this group use the MaxErect, they will graduate from a smaller MaxErect with a firmer fit to a MaxErect that is larger with a slightly looser fit. This is why the ED Eliminator Pack contains four MaxErects.


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