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Partner Information

If you've noticed that your partner is not able to achieve or maintain an erection like before, it means that he has had a change in his erectile function. It doesn't necessarily mean that he is less interested in you.

The change in erectile function can be physical: reduced blood flow to the penis or a leak from the veins that drain the penis prior to and during arousal.

Many times, the dysfunction can be due to other factors:

    • Anxiety or doubts about his ability to perform
    • Stress
    • Anxiety about work
    • Worries, fatigue
    • Lack of proper nutrition
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Enlarged prostate
    • Depression

Over 25% of men under the age of 40 have problems with erectile function. Over 50% of men between the ages of 40-60 have noticed changes in their erectile function.  By age 60, it is reported that most men have reduced erectile function.

The good news is that in clinical studies, MaxErect has been proven to provide erections and enhance erections in all men with or without erection problems, but also create, maintain, and enhance erections as well. And that’s good news...for everyone!

Erection quality

It's no surprise that men want a firm, consistent, reliable erection that lasts through enjoyment of sex with their partner. MaxErect can provide exactly what is needed by comfortably and safely restricting the blood flow out of the penis.

Men will notice changes in their erectile function as they get older. Perhaps he gets aroused, but his erection isn't always hard enough or doesn't last long enough. Perhaps he has difficulty getting an erection in the first place. All these issues are effectively addressed by MaxErect.

If your partner experiences erection difficulties, MaxErect is the solution. MaxErect will help your partner improve his erection quality.

Erection quality and your relationship

When a man notices a change in his erectile function, it can affect his relationship with his partner. Sometimes, one or both partners are  reluctant to bring up the subject, which can be difficult and put a strain on the relationship. The more you know as a partner, the more you can help him get back on track.

Here are some important facts:

    • A change in erectile function can happen to almost any man at any time. These changes may be temporary, or occasional, or they may progressively become more obvious.
    • A change in erectile function does not mean a man is less interested in sex. In most cases, a change in erectile function is caused by any one of many different conditions.
    • Your partner doesn't have to accept a loss of erectile function. Why give up the pleasure and intimacy you both enjoy if you don't have to MaxErect has been proven to improve erectile function and performance.
    • It's wise to consult a doctor when your partner begins to show problems with his erection. Sometimes a physical exam is the first step to determine your partner's overall health.


Talking to your partner about erection quality

Changes in erectile function have less to do with a man's interest in sex than in his overall health. So changes in erectile function can be a sign that your partner may be overdue for a regular checkup that many men generally avoid.

Remember, the possibility of improved erectile function may be the motivator some men need to get that regular check-up.