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Men with Severe Difficulty


While it is recommended that men with severe difficulty should seek the advice of their physician, please keep in mind that erectile difficulties can be caused by any number of factors, which can include:

    • Blood draining too quickly from the penis
    • Prescription medication
    • Stress
    • Obesity
    • Poor circulation
    • Cardiovascular problems
    • Prostate difficulties
    • Diabetes
    • Insufficient nutrition
    • Venous leak
    • Radical Prostatectomy


MaxErect is highly recommended for all men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and in consultation with their qualified health care professional.  MaxErect can enhance your sexual experience and the experience of your partner.


Here's what MaxErect can do for you:

    • Provides an erection when you want it
    • Provides confidence in achieving an erection
    • Eliminates worries about failure
    • Provides harder, firmer erections
    • Decreases recovery time
    • Total satisfaction for you and your partner
    • Clinically tested and approved by doctors
    • Proven 100% safe and effective
    • Safe, comfortable, and easy to use
    • Eliminates venous leak


Consult with your doctor about getting a complete physical exam. Your doctor and MaxErect can help you get back on track.

Intimacy should create happiness, not stress and anxiety. MaxErect creates personal success and happiness.



    • Provides a Healthy Relationship
    • Puts the spark back into your relationship
    • Relieves stress and worry about performance
    • Helps sustain or achieve a satisfying sex life


MaxErect is:

    • A breakthrough in male sexual function
    • Developed by Doctors
    • Medically tested and proven 100% safe and effective
    • Patented
    • 100% guaranteed


MaxErect will give you all the stamina you need to perform.

With MaxErect, you’ll always be ready.

MaxErect has been designed to create erections and enhanced erections in all men.