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Men with Moderate Difficulty


Men who fall into this category experience similar problems as men in the “Men with Some Difficulty” category, but their problems at this level are somewhat more pronounced.

These problems can include:

    • Multiple failures eroding confidence in achieving an erection
    • Pressure and stress at work
    • Physically and mentally tired
    • Sleep deprivation
    • Lack of energy
    • Overweight
    • Lack of Nutrients
    • Poor diet
    • Age
    • Boredom with the relationship
    • Venous leak


There are so many things that can negatively affect your ability to get and keep an erection.

Do you have worries about how well you will perform with your partner? Do you worry that your penis is too small? Do you always seem to be tired, stressed out, or out of shape?

MaxErect is the answer, together with exercise, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

Dr. Foley notes that, “Erectile difficulties can be a concern for men of all ages, not just those age 50+. MaxErect can put you back on track regardless of your age.”

Without the use of drugs, pumps, pills or implants, the MaxErect will provide you with:

    • An erection any time you desire
    • A much firmer erection
    • A longer and thicker erection
    • A dramatically shortened recovery time
    • An increase in penis size
    • An erection without impulses from your brain
    • An erection without the use of drugs

MaxErect eliminates erectile difficulties associated with:

    • Worries about performance
    • Physical conditions such as lack of conditioning, small penis, sedentary lifestyle
    • New Partners
    • Stress
    • Venous leak

MaxErect will enhance the experience for you and your partner and will restore your sexual confidence.

It’s never been easier than with MaxErect.

Intimacy should create happiness and personal success, not worries and concerns about performance.

MaxErect gives you all the confidence you need to perform.

Romantic opportunities occur all the time. With MaxErect,  you are able to take advantage of them.  Sex with MaxErect is satisfying, rewarding, and intimate.

MaxErect is:

    • A breakthrough in male sexual function
    • Developed by doctors
    • Medically tested and proven 100% safe and effective
    • Patented
    • 100% guaranteed
    • Available without a prescription


MaxErect will give you all the stamina you need to perform.

With MaxErect, you’ll always be ready.

MaxErect has been designed to create erections and enhanced erections in all men.