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Doctors recommend assessing all causes of erectile dysfunction



Increasingly, doctors are coming to the conclusion that erectile dysfunction is not simply a problem of the reproductive organs. There are many factors that play into a man’s ability to get an erection, which may include metabolic, cardiovascular and hormonal health.

Jeffrey Albaugh, a Portland, Oregon-based gastroenterologist, recently said that doctors should be checking for issues in all of these areas of health in patients who seek treatment for erectile dysfunction, according to Urology Today.

Due to the fact that many doctors treat the symptom of erectile dysfunction as a cause, they only offer short-term solutions that don’t address the root of the problem. More comprehensive testing may allow medical professionals to pinpoint the underlying cause of sexual performance problems.

He added that once the ultimate source of erectile dysfunction is diagnosed, doctors may be able to recommend appropriate treatments, which he said may include constant resistant rings, according to the news source.

Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are thought to be two of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, according the National Institutes of Health.


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