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Large numbers of men with ED are unaware of their condition



Many men with occasional sexual performance problems simply brush off these troubles. However, this can cause many cases of erectile dysfunction to go undiagnosed. In fact, a recent study found that large numbers of men with moderate to severe ED are unaware of their condition.

A team of researchers from Columbia University gave medical examinations to more than 1,000 men who were known to have common risk factors for ED, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, lower urinary tract symptoms, obesity and other conditions, but had never been diagnosed with ED.

The study found that 71 percent of participants had symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, 54 percent had symptoms that qualified as moderate to severe.

Researchers wrote in their report that doctors should be more aware of the probability their patients with certain risk factors have ED, and address the situation with them.

“Although awareness of having erectile dysfunction was low, most men with risk factors had scores indicating erectile dysfunction,” they wrote. “Erectile dysfunction should be suspected and assessed in men with risk factors, regardless of their apparent level of awareness of erectile dysfunction.”