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Women should play a role in their partner’s sexual health



Women whose husbands struggle with sexual performance problems may feel at a loss for how to go about talking to them about the issue. The topic of erectile dysfunction is generally a touchy one for men and wives may worry about offending them. However, this conversation may be an important first step toward getting them help.

Most men will not visit the doctor on their own. Often, they will put up with a problem and hope that it goes away. While this approach is generally unproductive, it may be particularly harmful when it comes to erectile dysfunction.

Medical professionals consider the condition to be an early warning sign of further heart health problems. The Mayo Clinic says that a majority of men with erectile dysfunction also have obstructed arteries. This may result in heart disease later in life.

Women may be able to save their male partners from this fate by getting them to the doctor as soon as sexual performance problems present themselves. While it may be a difficult conversation for wives to start, it could very well be one that saves their husband’s life. Not to mention, seeking help could enable couples to spice up their love lives.