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Physical activity is key for men with sexual performance problems



The solution to sexual performance problems may not be found in a pill bottle. Instead, it may be found in a gym.

Rather than resorting to the quick fixes of medications that only mask the underlying problem, men may be able to address the root of their erectile dysfunction by making simple lifestyle changes, including getting more exercise.

Experts from the Cleveland Clinic say that physical activity is so important for men with erectile dysfunction because it increases blood flow throughout the body. Poor circulation is one of the leading causes of sexual performance problems.

Cardiovascular exercise can get the heart pumping and reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels. This can help weaken blockages in arteries throughout the body, including the penis. The Cleveland Clinic doctors recommend that men engage in 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity three times per week.

A recent study from Korean researchers showed that obese men are nearly 5 times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Being more physically active may help eliminate some of the causes of sexual performance problems.