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Few men seek help for erectile dysfunction



Despite a growing awareness of erectile dysfunction, many men continue to suffer in silence. Men often avoid going to the doctor for conditions that are less than life threatening, and this situation is often amplified when it comes to matters of sexual health.

Experts say that embarrassment and shame keep men from seeking professionals help for their sexual performance problems. However, by avoiding their doctor’s office, they are simply prolonging a problem for which there may be a simple solution.

“Many endure in silence,” Dr. Colm O’Mahony, a consultant physician in sexual health, told the Telegraph. “Stigma, shame, concern for their partner’s reaction, and sometimes denial all play a part in creating and maintaining barriers to seeking help.”

O’Mahony added that this can be particularly frustrating because erectile dysfunction is often an early indicator of other serious health problems. A trip to the doctor to get help for sexual performance problems could lead to a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

In fact, experts from the Mayo Clinic have said that a majority of men who have erectile dysfunction also have heart health problems.