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Expert: Men shouldn’t ignore erectile dysfunction



Men are significantly less likely than women to seek professional help for medical conditions, particularly when they involve private matters. Most prefer to wait the condition out to see if it will go away on its own rather than visiting a doctor. However, in the case of erectile dysfunction, this may simply prolong the problem.

Dr. Arun Ghosh, who practices at Spire Liverpool Hospital, told the Telegraph that the situation is frustrating, because the earlier men seek treatment for sexual performance problems, the better their chances will be of receiving effective treatment.

“They will ignore serious symptoms for years until forced to confront them,” Ghosh told the news source. “Men usually dismiss it when it first happens: they easily put it down to alcohol or feeling tired. But over time, they lose confidence and stop trying. If they have been married for a few years, the sex life is probably on the back burner, anyway.”

However, he added that doctors may be able to recommend many treatment strategies that are tailored to an individual’s specific needs.

One option that medical professionals may recommend is constant resistant rings. These can help men get an erection without forcing them to take medications, which may come with side effects.